FAQs - Green Leaf Kratom



What if I want to buy a strain not included in your product line?

In the ‘Shop’ tab, under ‘Bulk Kratom’ you will see options for full kilograms of kratom. Not only is this the best overall bang for your buck, but you can choose from over 25 different strains to get precisely what you need.

If you’re not sure which strain you want yet, you’re better off buying a standard bottle from one of our six recommended kratom strains. After finding the strain you like, consider kilos in the future.

Should I buy kratom from my local smoke shop?

It doesn’t entirely matter where you buy your kratom from. What matters more is that you’re familiar and comfortable with the brand of kratom you’re spending your money on. This can only come by digging a bit deeper to ensure that the kratom you’re buying is not just lab-tested, buy also sufficiently effective for your needs. You can find many different high quality options if you shop between smoke shops or other herbal stores.

How should I store my kratom?

Kratom products, when stored properly, will retain their color and potency for a very long time. On the other hand, significant/prolonged light and heat exposure will both degrade the potency and color of the kratom product.

Also worth mentioning is that capsuled kratom products can be affected by excessive moisture or humidity. Avoid leaving capsuled kratom products in an exposed container for too long in a humid environment.

Following these storage guidelines will ensure that your kratom products retain their quality for up to a year or two!

Where is your kratom made?

All of our kratom is originally sourced from different regions of Southeast Asia, delivered to our private facility in Mesa, AZ, and packaged with care & precision by our dedicated warehouse team.

How do I know which strain to choose?

There is plenty information floating around the internet about the vast number of kratom strains out there. If you’re not so excited about sifting through the many options to end up making a questionable best guess of a decision, try checking out our concise line. Each and every one of our six strains are crowd favorites, not to mention it’ll be the most seamless kratom shopping experience you’ve had.

Why does your kratom mostly come in Maeng Da?

The purpose of this brand–the reason we’re in business–is to make kratom easy for you, the end consumer. We simplify the complex language of kratom so you can feel comfortable and confident in the shopping process.

We’ve boiled our brand down to include only the most desired kratom products and strains on the market, giving you a few very well-tuned options as opposed to a large variety of mediocre ones. If you’re searching for the most consumer-friendly kratom brand, we’re your guys.

What's the difference between a kratom shot and regular kratom?

Kratom shots exist as a processed liquid form of kratom, containing the extracted form of kratom with a concentration of Mitragynine that is several degrees higher than that of the standard powder.

With this liquid concentrated form of kratom, you can fit far more Mitragynine into a very small 10ml bottle for more rapid and enhanced effects. Despite the elevated price point, shots continue to be a crowd favorite in the world of kratom.

Can kratom be purchased by minors?

By law, any and all kratom products are only available for purchase by legal adults (18 and up). Kratom products are not to be distributed to minors under any circumstances.

Why are there so many different strains of kratom?

Variations in kratom strains are based on two factors: growth region and vein color. In a strain such as White Maeng Da, for example, the ‘Maeng Da’ denotes the region that the strain was grown in, and the ‘white’ denotes the vein color. Looking for more info on this topic? Check out our blog posts!

Are kratom and CBD the same, or similar?

Although kratom and CBD may be sold alongside one another, they each come from completely different plants and are used in different ways. The kratom leaf is grown from the ‘Evergreen tree’ in Southeast Asian regions and typically comes in powder form.

Are your products lab tested for impurities?

Each batch of kratom that reaches our facility must be lab tested for any impurities. Test results are documented and stored. If you would like to request a COA (Certificate of Analysis), contact [email protected]. We take pride in knowing that our kratom follows a strict standard for quality and cleanliness.